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    Gagged for a Joke

    So i just Got gagged from a saign server i literally play on every single day. by one admin with no sense of humor.
    people on the server were complaining about a player on my team who had very good aim and started calling him a hacker.
    since i play on the server every day and many people are locals to it they also know me. i made a joke saying i was an admin

    in the Chat box i said "yeah i'm going to have to ban you"
    and then i said something stupid like "ban_jack"

    nothing serious, just a joke.
    I thought little of it until about a minute later i got gagged and was simply told by the admin "you're not an admin Miss Rarity"
    and was Gagged without further explanation. i have no idea how long the ban will last and the admin left practically straight after he gagged me.

    my steam account can be found here

    i'd appreciate the gag getting removed since i love saign servers on tf2 and i play on them all the time. it's very inconvenient to be gagged for such a minor offence. especially since i was not deliberately trying to claim i was an admin i only meant it as a joke.

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    here your log http://serverlog.saigns.de/do.php?s=...h=1%3A97494584

    jokes are really ok, but to saying other players you are admin on saigns, it is not more a joke. From my part, you have only a In game gag, rejoin on the server and you can write again. Next time for "im admin here" its a real gag

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    holy moley.. i did not know you could log people like that... man i suck at IT

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