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    Let me leave this here.
    Please respect others. You all need to stop what you are doing.


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    Yes, I got a warning from Zentiac about alahu akbar and I stopped immediately and have not done it since.

    As for the Playboy sheep do you even know what is written on that spray? If you knew arabic, you would not be writing this ^^

    Why don't you post your own sprays mr muslim with pigs, dogs and insults to Serbia and Russia?
    I did not bother to make screenshots, but since you are so dedicated in collecting screenshots, why not post your own for everyone to see? ^^

    Thank you for listening.

    >>>>(I have others that are much more serious and serious than I publish for decency)
    not sure about this statement but please send a pm to the admins here, I dare you.

    >>> I have not renewed due to the disgust I feel at playing in an environment like this.
    If you feel disgusted playing here why did I see you play on the server without premium?

    >>> The sick person who wrote above
    You are actually continuing your model of behavior and insult people here too. Why are you calling him sick? Do you have proof other than his statements? But you make the same or worse, nobody calls you sick.

    >>>> I certainly recognize that as well as being liars, they are great photoshoppers!
    If by photoshopping you mean faking chat text, that is not true either. There are logs on the server if you did not know ^^

    >>>this scum
    Again, same model of behaviour insulting people. Do you have proof that Simplex renewed, why are you calling him scum?
    You are insulting him here.

    Did I forget to mention about your previous account VAC ban as well as admin ban from Saigns team?
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    The sick person who reopened this thread is incontrovertibly denied by the contents of the server log, where the admin can clearly read who is the provocateur and harasser:

    server log_2 28_08_2020.PNG

    Rather, in the log there is evidence of an illegal and organized action by this group of rascals who enjoy targeting a player only because of different faith and ethnicity, an action that violates many points of Saigns' terms and conditions:

    server log 28_08_2020.PNG

    In fact, the behavior of these mentally disturbed people is so disgusting that because of them I had given up on renewing my premium account, limiting myself to making very few matches in the last few weeks.

    I do not intend to reply to the islamophobe Mr Nugget, with whom I do not want to have anything to do, but I would like to clarify that the spray of which he has assumed the authorship and which I have posted in my reply, is an insult to the arab ethnicity and to the Islamic religion because it sarcastically speaks of the sexual life of goat (even of his "hair removal"), the animal that we Muslims ritually sacrifice. This caveman sprayed this rubbish on the very days when the Feast of the Sacrifice occurred.

    All these miserable actions these idiots use to offend me by insulting my religion suck demonstrate the lowest level they are at.

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    I gave my reply in post #11

    It seems you guys are still at it in some form. So from now on no more goading (encouraging) others to respond to provocation. This is not a Kindergarten.

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    So i said something in this thread Click me and Read Post #7

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    I have so much to say in my defense but I will only say the following:

    I have to agree with the admins that this has gone too far, as it has been said that both sides were both victim and attacker in their own way, unfortunately it took me a while to realize that I was indeed a toxic player, although I never asked for an argument First.
    I really think that both I and the Muslim deserve a ban on the server, since it is the first one I don't want to be spared, I want the same punishment that he would get.
    It is an indisputable fact that one of us will start behaving again.So I think it's a good decision, and a very reasonable one.... I don’t want to go any further, I’m just asking you to spare other(DAMdam, Nugget, etc...) things like this, given that this is between me and a Muslim.


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