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Thread: Karl Stromberg

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    Hello Everyone,

    Well, his name is now Dr. Rampenstein.

    And i, as a admin, agree with most of you: He is destroying the game. I have gagged him just into the server today for that. Also for ignoring admin warns. After he reconnect, he knows the gag is over. (It was a one-server-side gag to see how he would react with this warn) - Before i do something i want to know everything about this guy.

    Thats how i found this thread. ;-)

    Maybe, it is time to bind our powers and ask the owner to do something about it as a group.
    If this player get a GAG for a few weeks, the problem will be solved. Atleast for this short period.

    He didn't broke many rules, but destroying everyones game can be a rule. There is no place for players like this. And he is also provoke the other team with his chat binds. We need to do this together if we want to stop it!

    We pay ALL for the features.



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    From my side, if you can tell me how long he paid for his premium subscription, I will extend mine for x2 that amount. For mine and his.
    So for example he has premium for 6 months, I will extend for 12.

    He is destroying the game and make everyone angry and toxic, myself included.


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