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    Hello, I'm sorry to come back here to complain but I still suffered insults from players like today at 18: 36-37 on piranesi de moshe ... Yesterday, by the way, I think it was was the case too .. Why not block the insults? Bad santa does the same regularly.
    my son watches me play and sees the text written against me and i have to decorate so that he does not read it, these are insults.
    thank you

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    Hi SuperVashna,
    Please do not be sorry. An insult is an insult. In this case I would call it very minor.
    Please reply back here if it happens again but I would assume this may just be a silly person typing silly things.
    Best thing is to ignore and even smile back :) or :D and let the person know you are above them.
    Kind Regards


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