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    Idee competitive/fun server idea

    Alohhaaa everyone!

    Maybe its a fun idea if we set up a server that is a bit like the clan matches from when it all started.. 6 vs 6 with rotating maps, time and round limit.

    Like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oO2GYAFjLX0

    So maybe something like max. 12 bots(6vs6 if empty), real players get switched for real players, max. 15 vs 15 real players, max 10-16 round wins for map rotation and maybe enable map voting for everyone.
    No hats, chickens, zombies, AWP restrictions, etc.

    And maybe its time that hacks are banned.. There are so much hacks, that normal players are taking hacks now because the rest has it, i dont want to complain but maybe there is a server script that scans the players config/autoexec.cfg for such thing!

    Input/ideas are welcome, bye!

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    Hi. Hacks has always been forbidden. If someone uses hacks call for admin or post a demo. We will always ban users that uses hacks. Whats allowed or not you can read att the rules. https://forums.saigns.de/showthread....-Rules-Deu-Eng
    Peace and have fun!

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