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    Neuer Benutzer
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    Ausrufezeichen Admins: evidence of STARIK trolling and griefing

    For some reason, the option to add attachments isn't working despite the format of MP4 and ZIP being supported, however:

    On demand, I can provide any admin evidence of the trolling I and others have complained about on the Militia server of STARIK using the 'unlimited team change' to harass players. This has been reported multiple times with no effect.

    Please contact me (admins) for a copy of all three videos showing this abuse.

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    Erfahrener Benutzer Seth's Avatar
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    Hey there,

    first of all, we always need demos (.dem files) as evidence to take action against someone.

    Furthermore, he is doing nothing wrong. According to our rules he can change the team whenever he wants. Wtj is allowed.

    1.9 Team change
    Everybody is free to join the team he wants and also to change his team at any time.
    Non premium players get automatically switched by the server to keep the teams balanced. (Equal amount of players on both sides)

    That being said, we had much worse cases in the past where a player purposefully changed his team and used hotkeys to annoy other players for example. Beside his chat comments we also couldn't do anything against him.

    So I see no reason to intervene here.
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    Erfahrener Benutzer Rattlesnake's Avatar
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    there is no need to open multiple threads about this topic.

    If you had used the search or browse the forum a bit yourself then you would have found this post.


    As you can see one of our admins replied to it. It's the same as in your post.


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